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Meet the many faces of Me


Natalie White-Port

Submissive Switch

Natalie Jade White-Port is my main identity as a male to female crossdresser.

With a submissive disposition, a love of tight-fitting, shiny latex, and mainly blonde of hair - though I do like to don a strikingly bright red or vivid classic red-head wig when I'm feeling more bold and adventurous. 

Her name came about from the combination of two young ladies I fancied at school; both called Natalie, Miss Port was the classic high-school stunner - relatively tall, slim with beautiful legs and long blonde hair, while Miss White was a dark-haired sultry, seductive, voluptuous woman.

I have loved the name Natalie ever since, and bringing the two together was a natural way to make her a distinctive and sophisticated surname.

The addition of Jade came very recently as I quite liked the idea of a middle name too, again based on a girl I was very attracted to, this time whilst at university.

As a given name, it came into general use during the 1970s. It was initially unisex, though it is now mostly feminine.

The green shade of the stone I associate with inner calm and peace. As I've become more at one with my identity, this felt like a nuanced switch from my original choice of Jane.


Lady Chastelaine

Domina | Domme | Mistress

Lady Chastelaine is my dominant persona.

Her name was derived from the name Charlene (yep, another girl I fancied at school!) and is based upon the French word "Châstelain".

It refers to a woman in charge of a large house, or (historically) a set of short chains attached to a woman's belt which are used for carrying keys or other items - all very associable with dominance.

Sometimes confused with "chatelain", another term for castellan, the governor of an old castle.

In Old French: Chatelaine = "Châtelain" & Chatelain = "Châstelain".

And very soon I combined the word Chaste with the name Elaine

So she is a 'pure and virtuous', bright, shining light to be idolised, obeyed and worshiped




Or "Cuntlin" if I'm being a bad ponygirl.

Responding by preference to Caitlin, I am ingratiating and obsequious - my most tamed and obedient level of submission.

Caitlin is also the name of a hot young blonde I used to coach in the sport of rowing.

I am a white latex pony with a long blonde butt-plug tail.

There is a lot to be said for simplicity in striking contrast of black and white as a colour combination, and I will usually be bound and/or adorned with a colar, harness and and other accessories in these colours.




Hester is my name when I am acquiescent and tractable in puppy petplay.

Her name comes from a young lady I once coached in the sport of rowing.

It struck me as an unusual name, and she struck me as being a beautiful brunette.

As a surname, it is of Germanic origin and uncertain meaning, though in Ireland, particularly County Mayo, the surname Hester is found as an Anglicized form of the Gaelic Ó hOistir descendant of Oistir.

But as a first name it apparently means "star", though you can call me Hetty.


However you self-define, I'm into all kinds of women:

  • naturally born as

  • Trans; pre or post-op

  • She-male

  • and many more...


I'm the only male-to-female crossdresser in the room,


strictly no men

  • who still define themselves as men, or

  • are/wish to remain physically their natural-born self.

I'll meet you on zoom before booking in-person sessions; we can discuss your gender then, or when you get in touch if you wish.

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