Meet & Greet plus Verification

So I can see you actually are a woman, shemale or suitable transgender

  • 1 hour
  • 15 British pounds
  • via Zoom

Service Description

Meet & Greet: A chance to get to know each other, discuss our desires and fantasies, and clarify anything you are unsure about. This is for my safety; to ensure no creeps arrive at my front door and that I will recognise you both vocally and visually when you arrive for your time with me. Verification: You will also be expected to show your genitals when asked (especially for transgender - please read trans definitions below for what I am comfortable with). If you have breasts, please wear something that allows me to see they are actually part of you body i.e. natural/enhanced - you will not need to show them in their entirety. You do not need to 'reveal all' as it were. If you are unwilling to show your genitals and at least some portion of your breasts to me, it will be deemed that you have something to hide and won't be verified - you won't get to interact with me ever again. Absolutely No: Men/males whether straight/gay or otherwise inclined - even if crossdresser - I am the only male or cross-dresser involved. No time-wasters! Seriously, guys, crossdressers and non genuine trans etc...just fuck off; do not apply. Who I am comfortable with: - Women born as women - with either their original female or post-op male genitals; - Trans-gender male to female post op i.e. born a man, now a women with post-op female genitalia and breasts. - Transgender female to male pre or post-op but still essentially a woman i.e born a woman, now a woman with male genitals but still otherwise retaining female form (still has breasts and maintains a female appearance). I will need to decide for myself if you are the following; I would like to meet you, just note that it is probable I will not agree to engage with you in FuckFit; I am sexually oriented towards interacting with women and have no attraction to men as such: - Transgender female to male pre or post op and now presenting as a man i.e. now have male genitals, no longer have breasts, and dress/hair etc as a man.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact me at least 24hrs in advance. There are no refunds for sessions cancelled with less than 24hrs notice. For cancellations, refunds will be given as follows: within 24hrs (<1 day) = 0% within 48hrs (<2 days) = 20% within 60hrs = 40% within 72hrs = 60% within 96hrs = 80% within 120hrs = 90% within 144hrs = 95% 144hrs+ = 100%

Contact Details

Located on the top floor, flat number will be given to you once vetted. Essex Court, Station Road, London SW13 0ER, UK